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February 2016

Online Casino and Poker Games

 You can eat nacho chips while counting your betting chips from the comfort of your own. No need to get dressed up and pay an entrance fee to the fancy Casino. Instead, turn on your computer and log in to one of the many websites now offering 24 hour gaming and play casino, poker online!

The immediacy of the internet has opened up a brave new world for the would be gambler. Whenever you fancy a flutter you can get your fix. Most of the popular sites are run by reputable companies who have been in the gaming industry for a long time. The software for these sites have been developed by mainly a few specialist developers and they all aim to give you as enjoyable and realistic an experience as possible for you to play casino poker online.

Obviously the best way to find the best one for you is to try some out. Check for those that offer free sign up and maybe some free credit as an introduction. Look for those that give you the best bonuses and most of all look for ones that are regulated. Look for the seal of approval form eCOGRA. The e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance is a non profit organisation based in London. They were set up in 2003 and work with companies in the gaming industry, including websites and software programmers, to make sure that integrity and fair play is paramount. Currently 145 online sites have met this standard so there is plenty to chose from for secure play with casino and poker online. Check out their website for more details.

Listing sites are another good resource for discovering what is out there. These sites act like a gateway to the casino’s and betting tables. They give information about which site has to offer, and incentives and the size of the bonus, plus the chance to read reviews and get feedback from users of the sites. Some people like a Vegas style showy experience where as others prefer a more refined and dignified approach as to how they gamble.

You can also chose whether you play casino poker online with real people or computer generated opponents. Most enjoy the banter and camaraderie of playing with real people while others prefer to remain in the virtual theme with only the money being real. Finding one with like minded people makes it a real social experience and you meet people from all parts of the globe.

So find out which site offers you the chance to play the games you love and learn the ones you always wanted to try. As always, one of the best rules to remember is to never gamble more money than you can realistically afford to lose. Gambling is great fun and a huge buzz. If you can control that buzz then the more you play casino poker online, the more experience you will get and increase your chances of coming away with a winning return again and again.

Kids Games The Most Popular Ones

Kids Games The Most Popular Ones By nature, kids are the ones who are really into playing games. During this stage of growth, they do not think of anything that’s really serious. In other words, they see things in a very simple way. They are not yet aware of the benefits associated with playing games and if they are getting anything good from it. They just want to spend time with their friends and have fun under whether they are under the sun or under the rain. There are so many types of games that kids play from the traditional games to the modern ones. Because of the advent of computers and the internet, many kids are going with the option of playing online games. Although these games help in developing their planning and thinking skills, those that require physical movements are still better. Here are some of the most popular games that are really good for kids.

Hide and seek is of the most played and is among the most popular games that kids play. In fact, almost everyone in this world was able to play this game during their childhood days. This is very simple and easy game to play, as its name suggests, one kid will be the one to seek and the others will hide. The “it” will close his eyes facing the tree or a wall which will serve as the base while the other kids will find a place to hide. After counting 1-20 or what was agreed, the “it” starts to seek for the other players. The “it” should do his best to tag every player before the reach the base and the first player that gets tagged before touching the base will be the next “it”.

Another game that many kids play is the washer toss game which will require a cup, a box and some washers. The box and the cup should be placed at the center of the playing area. Kids will then take turns in tossing the washers to the box and the cup. When a washer lands inside the box, it is equivalent to 1 point and when it lands in the cup, it will be 3 points. The first player to reach or exceed 21 points will be declared as the winner. There is also a game that is somewhat similar to this game, the cornhole game. Some people actually call it as a bean bag toss depending on their country. The same idea applies when kids are playing washer toss, kids will aim for a hole on the board using bean bags and the player to first reach 21 points score will be the winner.

Aside from these games, kick ball, red light green light, hop scotch, dodge ball and shadowing are also among the most popular games that children play. All these games are definitely very simple and easy to play but the happiness and joy that the games bring to the kids is absolutely great. Playing these games has indeed become a part of every kid’s life.

Disney Infinity Brings Characters to Life

Disney Interactive’s upcoming Disney Infinity video game, a physical/game world split-reality platformer being developed by Avalanche Software for release in mid-August later this year, will offer players a unique Disney/Pixar spin on the concept of action figures using Near Field Communication (NFC) integrated within video games. Following the groundbreaking success of the Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure toys-and-game model, Disney Infinity will feature its beloved characters and exciting new ways to play and create.

Into Infinity

Each copy of Infinity comes with a three-pack of collectible physical toys, modeled after popular properties from the Disney/Pixar library. Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles, and Sully from Monsters Inc/University can be placed two at a time on the included “portal” board, which reads radio-frequency identification (RFID) in the figurines to bring them into the game.

Once the characters enter Play Set Mode on screen, only actual characters from the universe selected can interact with the story’s game world. Sully, for example, can’t enter Jack’s Play Set. Every self-contained Play Set is unique to its source, and the gameplay draws from elements familiar to fans, such as the world of crime-fighting superheroes for Incredibles characters or pirate ships for Captain Sparrow to pillage.

Toy Box mode, on the other hand, is a wild free-for-all where any of the available characters and unlockable elements (trains, space ships, race cars) can interact in one space and create appropriate mayhem. Players can also customize their in-game world using “power discs”, stackable chips that can alter the environment, add vehicles to the game, or boost character stats for an upcoming battle. In addition, players can even mod the game world using their own imagination and the creative tools available. Game rules and levels will be easy to customize, with players actually able to program how the saved game mode plays.

And Beyond

The highly collectible nature and cross-branded accessibility of the game extends to player-created levels published by Disney Interactive, which will be available across every gaming platform, even if created on one different from the end user. The game’s name even hints at the future possibilities for what the publisher sees as a new content-delivery platform – with no end in sight to the massive popularity of the Disney/Pixar franchises, and more inbound, Infinity could live up to its name with new releases for the indefinite future.

Halo Master Chief Collection

Over the past two years, HD remixes have been all the rage. Even relatively recent last generation games are being ported over with minimal differences. Microsoft and 343 Industries are hoping to give HD re-releases a better name with Halo: Master Chief Collection. While they come close to perfection, they do fall disappointingly short in some areas.

If you’re unaware, Microsoft announced at E3 a bundle of Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3 and even Halo 4 all on one disc. There were also some big promises regarding upgrades to these classic titles, like 60 frames-per-second on all four titles, 1080p resolution and every single multiplayer map ever made for all four games. It’s hard to say this is just another rehashed and reused remix.

The first thing you’ll likely notice (once you get past the understandably sizable install) is the menus can be intimidating. With four full games on the disc and a variety of options for each, including all sorts of controller schemes, multiplayer avatar customization, campaign options, etc.; it’s like a Halo Swiss Army Knife.

All games run beautifully, and with the game running at 60 FPS, the games feel outstanding. Halo 4 for instance, feels like it could fit right into the Xbox One library, the game still looks incredible. Even Halo 3 looks better than it has any right to; the Spartan Laser splashing into an enemy Wraith tank will give your eyes euphoria.

What is new besides the technical bump is Halo 2’s complete re-master. Just like 2011’s Halo: Combat Evolved remaster, 343 Industries gave everything in Halo 2 a modern day graphical bump. The environments look gorgeous and the enemies look that much more aggressive. At times I noticed a slight framerate drop but the game would always quickly bump back up to 60 FPS. Also similar to Halo: Combat Evolved, with a quick press of the view button the graphics can be changed back and forth between the new visuals and what they looked like originally. It’s a great feature and it shows how far the games have come, it’s also completely seamless.

Another new feature in Halo 2 is the completely revamped cutscenes. Even in 2004 Halo 2’s cinematic scenes looked terrible. The overuse of the bump-mapping technique made everything pop in and out. This time around 343 Industries hired the company Blur to make the cinematics. Despite Halo 2’s admittedly shoddy storytelling, Blur somehow makes the game’s storyline more compelling, with better angles, facial features and other improvements to help immerse you into the game. Gravemind used to look like a laughable poop-monster/plant hybrid. Now he looks like a truly frightening adversary.

With an impressive list of multiplayer features, 343 Industries really hoped to bring the Xbox fan base away from Call of Duty and other shooters and back into Halo, the series that really propelled the original Xbox consoles sales. Since the Master Chief Collection has all four main Halo games packaged into one, it seems like that should be an easy feat. When it’s working they way it should, this collection is the premiere game on the Xbox One console right now.

There’s the rub though. Since launch, Halo Master Chief Collection mulitplayer component has been an absolute disaster. With hour long waiting periods to get into matches, random team placement and an overall terrible structure, the online component (arguably the real reason to buy this collection) is completely broken. That first week during the game’s launch, it was near impossible to find a game. I often felt adrift in a void while searching for opponents.

Since the release, 343 Industries has been hard at work implementing multiple patches to the online infrastructure, but it’s a band aid for a gaping wound. Unfortunately, now a month after launch, the Master Chief Collection still has continuing issues when trying to find a match. A shame since more time in the oven, or possibly an open beta test, and these issues could likely have been avoided altogether.

That being said, if you are one of the lucky ones to find a match, Halo’s multiplayer still ranks among the best in gaming regardless of which Halo title you’re playing on the disc. It’s great to finally be able to replay Halo 2’s stellar combat again, and with the addition of all of the maps released for all four games, it’s easy to get lost in the fan service.

The only other multiplayer issue I had with the game was that at launch it didn’t offer a Halo: Combat Evolved playlist. The only way to play the first Halo’s multiplayer is either through a Custom Match setting, or to get lucky enough to have people vote for a Halo: Combat Evolved map before the match starts.

All online issues aside, the game is a great bargain. It has four polished, spectacular games in one package, not to mention a web series called Halo Nightfall. Almost every single issue I have with the Master Chief Collection should be fixable through one patch or another at some point. It’s just a huge bummer for longtime fans like myself to have to wait to play a working version of a game that’s been release too soon. Once it’s fixed though, this game is a must buy for all Xbox One owners. It’s just not right now.